Your Host and Guide, Chris Reich

I am an amateur astronomer, teacher, award-winning web designer, business "Mary Poppins" and entrepreneur. My love for astronomy started several years ago when I was given a telescope as a "good luck in the boonies" gift. I had no idea what to do with the thing and was actually afraid of taking it out of the box for fear of breaking something. I read the manual a hundred times but couldn't make any sense of it. The manual explained the electronics and how to program my fully "goto" telescope. Program it to do what? I didn't know what to look at. I didn't know what could be seen. Stars all looked the same. Big deal. White dots.

So I took a class and bought a mountain of books. That helped. A little. I  knew how to "program" the telescope and I learned the difference between a nebula and a galaxy. I learned that the sun was 93 million miles away. I learned that stars range from a few light years to several thousand away.

I still didn't know what I could see or where to look. So I decided to start a local club. Maybe I'd find someone with experience. I put up a notice at the local diner in Etna, California. About six people showed up---all very interested in astronomy. I was the "expert". Together, we just started looking for things. We found all sorts of really neat stuff! I bought a bigger telescope because I thought that would help me find things. It didn't.

After a few months of spending hours trying to locate a single object from my pile of charts and books it started to click. I had to learn to see.

It's been an amazing experience that I hope to share with you. Our little club has grown. My knowledge has grown. My telescope collection has grown.

Our club's website, designed by yours truly, recently placed third in the nation for club sites. (

Still, I'm bothered by the barriers to getting started in astronomy. Lots of people are interested but they have no idea where to start. I often meet people who have just bought "a really good telescope" but have no idea how to use it. Their really good telescope is almost always an expensive toy from a department store. I hate to see people waste money on junk telescopes, get frustrated by the wobbly mounts and crummy eyepieces, and quit. They could have something really excellent for the same money they wasted on E-Bay or a department store.

So I decided to launch I worked out an arrangement with the two best manufacturers of telescopes so I am able to provide you with a quality telescope at a good price. I will help you with the part nobody else will help you with---I'll help you see things.

If you join SeeIntoSpace, I'll send you a FREE gift to get you started. You'll see something amazing. FREE is amazing! I'll help you get started. Hopefully, you'll buy a telescope from me (someday) to support my effort to bring a lot of new people into our oldest science.

We're going to start with  the sun. You'll gain an understanding of global warming few people have. The sun is entering a period of great activity. It's been predicted by several scientists that the sun is entering its most active period in 400 years. I want you to see this change happen with your own eyes. Safely.

Your participation will raise awareness. YOU will make a difference. And you will be the expert on your block.

It won't take a lot of your time. Joining and learning is FREE (for now). There is no obligation to buy anything.

I guarantee you will see amazing things!

Chris Reich

PS---I'm pleased to add that my log book has been approved by the Astronomical League for The Messier  Honorary Club. I completed my observations earlier this year. SEDS has also recognized the achievement.

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