Terms of Use

SeeIntoSpace.com has many important goals:

  1. Introduce people of all ages to solar and night-time astronomy.
  2. Raise awareness of the global warming issue through the science of observing and learning about the sun.
  3. Teach how to safely observe the sun.
  4. Gather data that contributes to the solution of the global warming issue.
  5. Teach night-time astronomy.
  6. Be a source of quality astronomy tools so people don't waste money on "junk" equipment.

We will supply (sell) equipment, samples, promotional items and any other materials ONLY to residents of the United States and will ship ONLY to addresses within the fifty states of the United States. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are sorry for this restriction but export law and customs regulations complicate international shipping.

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You may not advertise services or products through any of our discussion groups or other open commentary vehicles. You may comment on astronomy related products (positive or negative) at will and you may freely mention manufacturers.

No sexually oriented dialogue or images will be permitted. PERIOD.

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Privacy Policy

We will not share or disclose any information you provide us to any third party. We will cooperate with law enforcement if proper legal procedure is followed compelling us to release information. As we see no legal or security threats to the United States by any activity conducted by SeeIntoSpace.com, no information about our members will be voluntarily surrendered.

This policy statement is dated April 19, 2009 and supercedes all others. This statement is subject to change without notice.