Lunar Eclipse

Mr. Kerry Kleckner sent me this image. Isn't it beautiful? 

Mr. Gus Kovago took this with his new 100mm APO!

Thank you Tammy for this fine moon shot!

Okay, one of mine (Chris Reich)---Sunspot

Mr. Ben Waranowitz sends this:

Comet 17P/Holmes Dec 2007

Attached photo Celestron C6 F:5 Newtonian on Polaris EQ mount, 'Quartz Drive' Nov 23 2007 on a clear and dark night for Maryland.

Scopetronix acapter afocal for Kodak Z730 consumer camera. The camera is not very good for noise by 30 sec exposures, but for bright Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and the brightest parts of the Orion Nebula. M44 has bright stars so shows well at lesser exposures. (M44---The Bee Hive)

Chris Reich moon shots of 5-9-08 00430UTC (Click for Full Size)

Chris took this image of M13 using the AstroView 100mm refractor. This was done at prime focus meaning the camera was exposed through the telescope without an eyepiece. This is a 30 second, unguided exposure.


Ben Waranowitz sends this amazing shot: (Below)

Some of the first good photos I took with the AT80 which I sold in a year because for what I do with it it needs to be ED/APO.

On April 1, 2006 at around 7:08pm CDT = 00:08 April 2 UT.

Occultation by Moon of Pleiades in progress in Donelston, TN. (Nashville)

Equipment -

80mm f:6 Astro-Tech AT80

Kodak DX7440 manual mode but autofocus.

Scopetronix adapter, 30mm plossl in afocal setup. (Click for Full Size---It's GREAT)

Here's another gift from Ben Waranowitz

Lower left Schroters Valley is of volcanic origin, like a lave tube.

By the top is a curious overlapping of Anaxamander and other craters.