Moon and Monthly Astronomical Calendar


All times are UTC so these calendars are useful at YOUR location. Need to covert from UTC to your time? Right now we're on Daylight Savings Time (PDT on the west coast). So, in California we're now -7 hours from Universal Time. The east coast is -4 hours from UTC. (Universal Time Corrected) You can easily figure out your time difference.

Next step. Because in California, I'm 7 hours behind UTC, to arrive at UTC from my time I add 7 hours to a 24 hour clock. 2 p.m. is 1400 (1200 + 200 = 1400)  1400 +700 = 2100UTC  3:35 p.m.? 1200+335 = 1535 PDT  +700 = 2235UTC.

To convert backwards, I subtract 700.  On April 22, the moon rises at 2036UTC. 2036 - 700 = 1336 or 1:36 PM! And it sets at 956UTC  (-700 = 256) or 2:56 a.m.! Bad night for observing because the moon will be out past my bed time! How about YOURS? Still need help? Here's a conversion chart