New to Astronomy? Is Here for You!

Astronomy is the oldest science. Since the earliest days of civilization, humans have pondered the stars. Astronomy is a wonderful, soul-feeding experience that fewer and fewer people are experiencing because it's so so hard to get started.

There are many "beginner" telescopes available but most of them are loaded with cheap electronics rather than good optics. I do not recommend "goto" telescopes. Should a big portion of your telescope budget go toward battery driven gadgetry instead of great optical quality? Most "goto" telescopes end up going to the closet. It's a shame to spend $300-$600 on a goto telescope and not be able to see anything. I get dozens of emails about this subject every week.

I want to show you where to look to see amazing things. If you haven't yet purchased a telescope, I want to help you make the best possible choice.


You want to see cool stuff with your binoculars and telescopes. Our site is devoted to helping you find and understand the thousands of galaxies, double stars, clusters and planets you can see if you know where to look. We'll also learn about the moon. Hopefully, some of you will join me for some solar observing too! (NEVER, EVER, LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT THE PROPER TRAINING AND EQUIPMENT)

What Will You See?

You'll see galaxies millions of light years away. You'll see dense clouds of gas and dust. You'll see brand new stars and the materials that formed them in exotic stellar nurseries. You'll see what's left of exploded stars too. You'll see clusters of hundreds of thousands of stars. You'll see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. You'll see details on the moon. You'll understand what you are seeing too. And soon you'll be able to show your friends and neighbors things they never imagined they could see.

My Role

I'll supply the training and answers to your questions. You'll get FREE online webinars. I'll get guest speakers to teach us more about astronomy. I'll help you find amazing night sky objects. I'll recommend a telescope that's perfect for you. I'll recommend the proper equipment to safely observe the sun. I'll help you get your family involved too. Science education is woefully lacking. Kids are surrounded with electronic stimulation but few ever have the satisfaction of finding and seeing Saturn for themselves. That's too bad. There is a huge universe to see! And once they've had this experience with you, they will never forget it.

Your Part

I can't do it alone. Your participation will make this a wonderful and exciting experience. Your questions, observations and encouragement will make an exciting place to be. I hope you'll share your experiences with others through our own discussion board.

I'll need your guidance and feedback too. I'm depending on you to give me your ideas about ways to improve our site and experience.