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A Very Nice Note from Leo C.:

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. I'd read somewhere that astronomers like to share their knowledge with others, but you've gone way beyond that. I first subscribed to your website hoping to learn something, and boy did I learn.

During the subscription process there's a section to ask a question, and I thought... "yeah, right, like anybody is going to answer my question...." All I have to say is "WOW!". Within an hour of subscribing my question had been answered. Your website offers things that nobody else offers like one on one webinars, articles, and videos, and more. Seventy some conversations later, you are still helping me. I bought a telescope from a different website and you are still kind enough to walk me through the process of viewing objects in the night sky. All I can say is I wish more people were like you.

(I blush!  Chris)

Michael just sent me this:

Hi Chris,

Great news! I finally had clear skies this evening I was able to see through my telescope my first observed object in the sky, The Moon!!!! In the North East.  What a sight!! I used the Orion Stratus and it was nice. I have loaded all software including Starry Night Pro 6.0, which looks like a steep learning curve.  So I'll fool around with the software in my spare time but for now I'll start observing more.  I think I'm on my way and all thanks are owed to you.

Note: Michael originally wrote me about frustrations he had with a telescope he bought used. He wanted to junk it and start over but I knew he had a really good piece of equipment so we worked on it by phone. ONLY after getting everything working would I "let" him buy a Stratus eyepiece.  ---- Chris

Dan B. sent this fabulous note after testing his new SkyView Pro 120
on a pair of sunspots. His first time out!

Woo hoo!!! Yep ..two spots and if im not mistaken they seem to be drifting apart.  Wow you can count the bolts on the wind mills 5 miles away. That's incredible!!!

Well Chris, I can't thank you enough.  Your knowledge and expertice has allowed a whole family years of excitement and joy. I'm sure  this scope will lend yet another excuse to turn off the tv  and spend more time together as a group and family.

Note: Dan is referring sunspots---he got his first look at sunspots! ---Chris

Sherry B. writes:

Yes, everything worked perfectly…No problems whatsoever. My son mapped the moons of Jupiter for the second night, only three were visible.  Sooo now he wants to label them with their correct names…He wants to know exactly which are which.  Is that possible?  He also is asking questions about how much a camera adapter costs, as well, as more magnification on the lenses…He always has grand ideas!!  That’s not necessarily a bad thing…He’s always thinking outside the box, as well. 

Time flies when you’re stargazing, huh?  My husband called his brother last night when we were looking at Jupiter.  He was in bed (It was after 11:00.)  He apologized for waking him up, and then very excitedly started telling him about Jupiter.  He said, “you’ve got to see this!!”  He said that he and his wife saw a bright object by the moon and were wondering what it was, and the next day received their answer…I had forwarded your email about Jupiter to them, but he hasn’t looked through his telescope yet.  That was last week.  He’s had his telescope for several months, but has only taken it out once to look at the moon.  I gave him your card a few days after you sent them to me, but I don’t think he’s checked out your website yet.  He’s a very busy guy, but I think my husband’s excitement has made him curious.

Glenn writes:

Thanks for all your help.  Although my Meade scope "stinks" you have helped me see Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the moon ( can't miss it ) and other solar systems.  You can bet my next scope will be from you ! ! Your efforts have allowed me to share with my family all these great sights and now my 8 year old daughter RUNS to the deck at night to see what daddy has found. These are memories I hope she will have forever.

I'm still having difficulty with using the different lenses but I'll call you about that someday.

Jeff E. writes:

Thanks for the impromptu conference Friday! I looked at the sky Saturday night and saw the Cat’s Eye cluster; it was easy to find, but it was very dim with the 60mm scope – it was too dim to see the “cat’s eye” bar**. I think there was still a thin, cloudy haze. I’ll have to try again this week. I also showed my son the triple star in the Big Dipper, which he thought was neat.

Thanks again. I can hardly wait until I can buy the AstroView 120!

Mike F. really touched me with:

I want to say “Thank you”! for taking the time and talking to me regarding the purchase of my son’s first real telescope. 


My son John and I took our first nighttime cruise around the sky Friday evening.  Viewing conditions were less than admirable but the time he and I spent together was absolutely priceless.  We took Saturday evening off due to thunder storms but Sunday was clear and we were out there looking again.  We bought the Orion 120mm Sky View Pro, on your recommendation, and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with it’s out of the box viewing capability.  Hearing the excitement in John’s voice saying “Wow that’s a really bright star”! (Arcturus) is enough to know we are on to something.  His interest is certainly there.  I figure that he will soon be dissecting the moon and it’s named features fairly soon.  Wednesday will be a very early morning for John and I, as we will be up to view Jupiter together.  I have to tell you, I can’t wait either.  I’m nearly 40 years old and my own childhood fascination of peering into space is finally becoming reality.  I have had some issues with getting the set up just right and some more issues finding my way around the scope mount but when the scope is on an object and focused, it is impressive.  

Scott R. Writes:

I recently purchased my first telescope from Chris Reich and wanted to convey what a wonderful experience it has been. As a complete Newbie to astronomy, I am grateful to have encountered Chris. I asked Chris for a recommendation on what scope to buy and he set me up with a wonderful system. While other vendors may well have taken me for every dollar I had and then forgotten about me in pursuit of more sales , Chris held my hand every step of the way and continues to share his wealth of knowledge and personal experience with me. When I wished to exchange my mirror for another one and got a bit of a run around from the vendor he went to bat for me to quickly resolve this misunderstanding with the company’s representative.

Now, I have a working telescope and am enjoying it VERY much.. Thanks again Chris. Not only do I have a new telescope and am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby but I have made a new friend!

Chris M. Writes:

Just saw Saturn and it is amazing!!!  I found it so fast too I was looking at it in minutes!  (even my girlfriend found it very fast it in the sky because she was listening to part of our conference last night)...

Dave sent this observing report:

Hey Chris...

Last night was the first time I've really used my telescope.  I've had it out to look at the sun a couple of times but I haven't had a chance to use it at night.  We've had clouds and wind way more than usual for this time of year.   I went out for something last night and looked up at the moon so I thought this would be a great time.  I looked at the moon for a while and had my wife come and look too.  What a great sight that was.  She went back in and I saw a couple of stars and thought I'd check those out.  I found one through my finder and thought that the other one was a little brighter so I decided to look at that one first.  Well that was the best idea I could of had.  I found it in the finder then looked through the eyepiece and there it was.  I never thought that would have been Saturn!   I put another eyepiece in with my barlow and it was just beautiful.  I could see the rings with some shadow across Saturn's face.  I could even see space between the rings and the planet at the sides.  What a tremendous sight.  I was out there for a good hour just looking.  I going out again tonight so my son can see it too.

Just wanted to let you know about it.  It was so exciting and my wife really loved it .

And he added: "I'll tell ya Chris, this site and especially you and your enthusiasm helped me alot."

[That's why I'm here!  Chris]

Joe (Winner of the UTC contest):

"Just wanted to thank you for the gift that you sent me. I was really surprised that is a nice gift. The planisphere is really nice and love looking over the ster chart and the books. thanks again."

Rick Writes:

"Just wanted to say thanks for the Webinar. It was really good. As soon as the wind dies down here in Sac, will be on the hunt for M13 or what ever else I can find."

Ed says:

"Thank you very much, everything has arrived in great shape.

Haven't had a break in the clouds yet so I'm really ready to sit down and enjoy the views.

Have everything assembled and working, waiting for a clear night!

Had about 60 minutes last night after dark so I did get a peek at Saturn at least.

I was amazed at how clear & sharp everything looked, That mount makes all the difference, it's nice to be able to change a eyepiece, focus or sit back and enjoy the view without losing the target.

I couldn't be happier, you saved me a lot of $$$."

Gus Says:

"Great scope. Very sharp glass. Being a photographer for over 30 years, and having handled some really nice Nikkor lenses, I can attest to the quality of the lens."

Kerry Says:

"Hey Chris,

I appreciate the frank advice.  I was getting ready to plop money down for a Meade to get the goto capability, but I don't want to support a company that is exporting American jobs.  I'd rather save for a while...I don't understand the Rigel, but if it's something that will help me locate objects to gaze at I'll look into it for sure!

By the way, if you actually do put that collage on the website (and thanks for even considering it!) I'm going to have some serious bragging rights with my daughter...""

Sandra Says:

"I already bought a telescope and I know it is a piece of junk. I wish I had found your website first.

My sister and I are very fasinated with astronomy. Our husbands go along with us because they have to............."

Jason Says: (Before I dumped Meade)

"I in no way think this is your fault, and feel you have been very helpful (actually, probably more helpful than anyone I have ever bought from before), and I would buy from you again.  Do you sell other brands of telescopes or just Meade?"