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Video from SOHO (1 day composite)

The Sun

We have just entered a new solar cycle. Some scientists predict that this will be the most active period for our sun in 400 years! Would you like to see this activity with your own eyes? When you hear news about global warming or solar flares, would you like first hand knowledge of the sun's activity? Would you like to understand what's going on up there with the sun? Most important of all, would you like to do something about the serious problem of global warming? YOU can by simply raising awareness and participating in our energy saving project.

I will teach you how to safely observe the sun so you can see, first hand, this period of very high activity develop. Maybe together we'll solve the mystery of global warming! Through learning for yourself and sharing what you learn with others, you will raise awareness of the global warming issue. I'd like us, thousands of us, to safely observe the sun. I'll teach you how. Then you can show your friends.

The goal of is to help beginners get started right. I want to make it as easy as possible to obtain a quality instrument and learn where to look to see amazing things. Simply put, this site is dedicated to beginners.

Green Energy

Help Determining Limiting Magnitude of Your Sky

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Will I Need an Expensive Telescope?

No! I hope someday you'll have enough interest in astronomy to get a telescope but you can start with binoculars. Too many people waste their money on useless junk telescopes from department stores and never enjoy astronomy. On the other hand, some people dive in and spend thousands on a telescope they never use because it's too heavy or too complicated. Please, if you are considering a telescope purchase, talk to me first. I can save you time and grief. The telescope you choose must suit your budget and your goals.

Joining is FREE. And I'll send a FREE gift. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION to buy ANYTHING. And I'll start supporting your astronomy adventure immediately!

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